To foster community building among social change makers around the world and provide them with training and networking opportunities, fellowship programs, coaching and mentorship sessions, and other vital resources, Impact Toolbox reached out to Community Ambassadors. These ambassadors would become a part of the Impact Community and become a bridge between their communities and us, bringing us closer to them and them closer to us, acting as influencers in the global community. 

Among these ambassadors are Ruhamah Ifere, a Community peacebuilder, Youth and SDG Advocate, and  Gender Equality Activist based in Nigeria. Within a few months of joining the community, Ruhamah has displayed outstanding commitment to social good and intense leadership zeal. She has actively contributed to Impact Toolbox by recruiting about  50 people for our incubation program courses. She continuously provides technical support by creating a group where she shares information with them and answers their questions. She demonstrates hard work and consistency by regularly attending group sessions and sharing insight and her perspectives with the Youth In Development Fellows.  

Her achievements outside Impact Toolbox bespeak her consistency and achievement. Ruhamah is a member of Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network, World Beyond War, Nigeria Youth for Peace, and a 2020 Ambassador, Institute of Economics and Peace. Her interest in transforming young minds into Nation-builders makes her volunteer with many youths and community-led organizations in various roles such as Acting Youth Coordinator, City of Peace Initiative, Lagos. She is the co-founder of The Youth Evolve, whose core belief is that young people can act as actors in the achievement of sustainable peace and Development, and also the co-founder of Volunteers Connect.  

She has years of experience as a Youth Advocate for peace, Human rights, and Gender Equality with local and global communities in Peacebuilding and Media Literacy. In 2020, She was named one of the most influential young people in Africa by Opportunities Hub, 2021 Top 25 African Women in Peacebuilding by Galaxy for Peace. Being a Grant Awardee of Speak Up Stand Out Activist, she is currently working on implementing a mini project to support young females in the Internally Displaced Camps in Lagos. Ruhamah Ifere authored the Book “21 Answers to the Volunteer’s Questions.” Speaking on her experience as an ambassador, Ruhamah describes it as an opportunity to serve as a link between the Youths who need these opportunities and Impact Toolbox.

She further states, “Impact Toolbox is a platform that provides resources and opportunities for personal development and also scaling social enterprises.” I have also been impacted by Impact Toolbox’s courses and the fellows’ training and investment pitching sessions. They have helped clarify the grey areas related to being a Sociopreneur.

Impact Toolbox provides comprehensive training, collaboration opportunities, and other vital resources to young social change leaders through online courses, virtual fellowship programs, networking opportunities, coaching, and mentorship sessions. We aim to reach youths in every community with these opportunities, and we would be grateful if you could bring us closer to yours. Will you like to become an ambassador to represent us in your community? Find more information here. 

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