Seeking investment and social business opportunities? Look beyond the sweetness of honey

This preliminary research by Impact Toolbox Global Citizenship Fellows explores the environmental, social, and economic development potentials of honey and beekeeping production in Africa. We argue that financial investments and an effective supply and value chain can help realize these potentials. This publication is a product of the Impact Toolbox’s global citizenship fellowship, a global intrapreneurship and peer collaboration program that connects college students to peer collaborators or organizations worldwide to work on mini-research, social entrepreneurship and policy advocacy projects. This edition is implemented in partnership with Appalachian State University. It provides students with opportunities for cultural exchanges, international collaboration experiences, and early exposure to international development projects. This article is written by Chris Zaman, Brenda Nakanwagi, Mawuse C.Gyisun & Hailey D. Yancey and reviewed and edited by Saheed Olayinka Bello and Dr. Segun Fatudimu

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