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Aligning Social Ventures With The SDGs

Sustainable development has become a famous catchphrase for international development organizations and aid agencies, a communication lingo for development stakeholders and a catchy topic for conferences and academic papers. Sustainable development risks becoming just a cliche without scholars’ and practitioners’ understanding of the concept and […]

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Turning Ideas to Social Enterprises

Overview Enthusiasm for social changes is universal. However, it takes knowledge, practice and experience to be an exceptional social entrepreneur. This course presents examples of social entrepreneurship to confront problems (from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors). In this course, we have used several examples […]

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Strategic Planning for Social Change Leaders – A Practical Guide

Overview The viability of a social venture depends on more practical factors than the passion and motivation behind its existence. Strategic plans are realistic, coherent and detailed roadmaps for achieving the goals of a social venture. Such plans will incorporate outlines of the organization's goals [...]
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Storytelling and Marketing for Social Ventures

In this course, you will learn to tell your impact stories effectively to create a strong brand identity for a social venture to project integrity, credibility and confidence. You will learn to create an effective go-to-market strategy and continuous promotional strategies for a social venture. […]

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Creating Financial Models for Social Ventures

The financial stability of a social venture strongly depends on the business and financial model upon which the venture is built. A financial model gives a clear idea of the value of a venture and the cost of that value. A comprehensive financial model is […]

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Building viable social ventures & finding market fit

Exactness! Approximation! Precision! - These are the most understated desires of entrepreneurs/inventors as they commit critical resources into ventures that are supposed to satisfy some of the limitless needs of an enigmatic market. Lean startups intellectualize the principles of market demand by advocating for the [...]
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Positioning for Investment & Developing a Compelling Pitch

This course is for social entrepreneurs that have developed a minimal viable product and found market fit. This means you have a product, program or service to pitch to investors. You have identified your early adopters, created a financial model and understood your business drivers […]

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Grant Writing Principles For Social Ventures

Learn how project proposal ideas are developed; Understand strategies for developing relationships with funders;
Understand the major components of a project proposal; Learn how to develop strategies for successfully implementing funded projects; Become familiar with the grants opportunities available through the US Embassy.
Receive a resource directory of “Funding for Community Development Projects in Africa” compiled by Professor Jesse Lutabingwa; Learn about other fundraising concepts besides grant writing, and share knowledge about what has worked well within their organizations and explore opportunities to collaborate with each other.

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Impact Assessment for Social Ventures

Social ventures are constantly scrutinized on the impact of their projects and programs by their funders. As such, social audits are necessary to guarantee social interventions’ precision and mitigate redundancy, while guaranteeing the projects’ social and economic value. This course covers the concepts of social […]

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