The Future Founder’s Fellowship (F3) trains teenagers in leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital skills. It aims to nurture a formidable network of young social innovators collaborating and leveraging technology to address critical challenges affecting their communities.

Fellowship Benefits

Program Components


Implementation Plan

  • The fellowship is for teens between 13 to 19 years old. It is highly inclusive and prioritizes diversity. We strongly encourage the participation of girls, minority youths, and teens living with disabilities.
  • We partner with schools, community centres and other organizations serving youth to implement the F3 fellowship.
  • The F3 has been designed to be flexible, adaptable and customizable to the circumstances of diverse youth communities. 
  • The three parts of the fellowship are delivered remotely through a blend of live and pre-recorded training sessions. Depending on our partner(s), we host on-site convening and workshop sessions.
  • Partner identifies and nominates a cohort of students and provides support throughout the program. 
  • Although we prefer to work with registered charities or other qualified donees, we are always happy to partner with any non-profits and mission-oriented for-profits that are working towards a better future for our youth.
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