The Future Founder’s Fellowship (F3) trains teenagers in leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital skills. It aims to nurture a formidable network of young social innovators who collaborate and leverage technology to address critical challenges affecting their communities.

How the fellowship works

The Future Founder’s Fellowship (F3) is a very practical learning experience where a cohort of participants are supported to work as a team to create a community development project. Such a project must be aligned with one of the sustainable development goals. Participants are supported by the Impact Toolbox team, community-based mentors, and a dedicated teacher mentor who will coordinate and guide the students throughout their journey of creating and implementing their community development project.

While working on their project, fellows will participate in leadership and entrepreneurship training sessions and have the opportunity to be mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and leaders from within the Impact Toolbox network.

What teachers are saying

Fellowship Implementation

  • The fellowship is for teens between 13 to 19 years old. It is highly inclusive and prioritizes diversity. We strongly encourage the participation of girls, minority youths, and teens living with disabilities.
  • We partner with schools, community centres and other organizations serving youth to implement the F3 fellowship.
  • The F3 has been designed to be flexible, adaptable and customizable to the circumstances of diverse youth communities. 
  • The fellowship is delivered through a blend of virtual live and pre-recorded training sessions. Depending on our partner(s), we also host on-site convening and workshop sessions.
  • Partner identifies and nominates a cohort of students and provides support throughout the program. 

Check out social change projects by previous participants.

Alumni Spotlight

KSS Thrifty Thursday is on a mission to change the consumption and production cycle of clothing while giving back to local charities. Clothing is an essential part of our daily lives, and our current way of producing it has a massive cost to the environment and wallets alike. It’s crucial to change our relationship with clothing; the current fast-paced one-time system isn’t sustainable for anyone. An estimated 10.5 million tons of clothes and textiles in North America are lost to disposal every year. On average, clothes are worn only seven times before being disposed of. Thrifty Thursday is helping to combat this problem by running a school-based and online thrift store where students and community members can shop, swap, or donate used clothing. With the swap shop, we promote a circular economy while increasing the wear time of items that could have ended up in the landfill.

What students are saying

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Program Updates

Announcing Our 2023 Future Founders

Impact Toolbox is thrilled to announce the second round of the Future Founders Fellowship (F3) and introduce this year’s

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