2022 Top Ten Ventures

    Impact Toolbox is a digital social venture incubator providing emerging leaders and idea-stage social enterprises with equitable opportunities to learn, connect and access resources to transform their ideas and passion for social change into viable community development projects and businesses. Our incubation program offers individualized coaching, instructional workshops and pitch simulation sessions.  Below are ten social ventures selected from our pool of amazing social ventures incubated through our platform this year. They are from 6 countries and work across several sectors, including environmental protection, women empowerment, agriculture, education, health and media.


    Ntapi (Nigeria)

    Ntapi is an EdTech marketplace that utilizes indigenous Nigerian languages to upskill and democratize learning. They are an all-in-one, low-cost EdTech solution for African online education. They make education possible for underserved communities that can only learn in indigenous languages. 

    MamaCare (Sierra Leone)

    MamaCare is a project of Allies In Development that seeks to eliminate poverty amongst caregivers and child survivors of rape who have lost access to household income and support structures and have experienced a reduction in earning capacity due to rape. On an annual basis, there are over 3,000 child survivors of rape in Sierra Leone, and over 70 percent of perpetrators are family members. MamaCare provides micro-loans to caregivers desirous of growing businesses in their area.

    Leaners Corner Edu – Tech Hub (Nigeria)

    Learner Corner Edu-tech hub is the leading education technology hub in West Africa. It is an innovation hub designed to promote inclusion in education through technology.

    Farmer Evolve (Uganda)

    Farmer Evolve is a financial platform for rural farmers providing micro-credits and training that enables farmers to farm all year round. 

    Strength of a Young Mother (Botswana)

    Strength of a Young Mother is an entrepreneurial platform that provides social and financial support to single African mothers. They provide various services, including micro-financing and business packages tailored to meet the needs of young mothers. 

    Trendy Media Production (Nigeria)

    Trendy Media Production employs filmmaking as a tool for social advocacy, especially in areas related to gender equity. With TV series such as “Feminist Wahala,” Trendy Media is shining a light on the social rights of African women. They spark conversations for change and highlight misconceptions surrounding feminism and critical issues affecting African women.

    Stofresh Africa (Kenya)

    Stofresh is a digital marketplace for agriculturists providing direct access to retailers. With the platform, farmers have a more structured sales pathway which prevents them from being shortchanged by the middlemen. Therefore increasing their net income.

    X-Lab Africa (Nigeria)

    X-lab is a virtual laboratory for elementary and secondary school students in low-income communities who cannot access practical Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. The X-lab uses augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) powered software, a mobile application, and a virtual reality headset (Oculus Quest 2).

    CAED Africa (Cameroon)

    CAED Africa creates economic opportunities by training unemployed youths from marginalized and economically distressed communities across sub-Shara Africa on innovative agriculture and providing them with the resources to launch agribusiness ventures. CAED has a platform to connect farmers, investors, consultants, and a ready market from the comfort of their homes with a click.

    Wasty Wealth (Nigeria)

    Wasty wealth is a waste management enterprise that uses innovative technologies, such as an artificial intelligence-powered smart waste bin, to effectively and efficiently collect and transport waste products.

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