Grow your venture and be investment ready in 4 months

Training Curriculum

Our incubation program produces high-impact, investor-ready social businesses through a 4-month intensive process that includes weekly mentoring sessions, on-demand individual coaching, global peer collaborations and partnership connections. You will get extensive trainings on financial modelling, impact assessment strategies, fundraising strategies, and investment readiness. Participants will enjoy the following:

One-on-One Coaching:

Our coaches in residence are experienced social entrepreneurs and non-profit executives with a wide range and profound experiences and expertise in social innovation and entrepreneurship. They will guide you throughout the various growth stages of your social venture. Through on-demand hands-on coaching sessions, the coaches will provide guidance, structure and feedback based on their expertise for you to make critical decisions about your venture’s growth trajectory.

Investment Readiness & Fundraising Training:

Our Investment Readiness Lab is a practical session where you learn how to create effective pitch decks and acquire strategies for attracting investments. Through practical and interactive sessions, you will gain skills to develop effective pitch decks, write compelling grants, design crowdfunding campaigns and deliver compelling pitches to investors. You will participate in pitch simulations to pitch your venture/project to coaches and peers and receive essential feedback and insights.

Resource Mobilization, Peer Supports and Talent Matching:

We will take the burden of networking and resource mapping off your neck by connecting you with the right people, information, and support systems. We will connect you to potential partners, team members, mentors, funders, and operational resources. We will connect you with brilliant business, management and development students from four North American Universities to provide projects and research support if needed. We also award prototype development prizes of up to $2000 to exceptional social ventures. 

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