Our program offers a comprehensive capacity development curriculum to help emerging entrepreneurs and social change leaders explore business tactics and approaches that generate consistent revenue while contributing to community development and environmental protection. We help participants develop strategies and models that increase the chances of success, growth, and long-term sustainability of social entrepreneurial initiatives. Our program will guide you through creating social impact strategies, business and financial models, customer development plans, go-to-market, and storytelling strategies, culminating in a well-crafted social enterprise business plan or pitch deck.

Empowering Emerging Entrepreneurs and Social Change Leaders by offering

Instructional workshops, self-paced online courses and group coaching

Start and grow a social enterprise following a tested and validated curriculum. The following are key learning objectives depending on your growth stage. 

Beginners: Starting a Social Enterprise: From Ideation to Market-Fit

Refine your ideas & achieve impact and strategic clarity

Learn how to develop a clear problem statement. Create a theory of change and gain clarity on the impact you want to make in the world.

Develop a business model

Understand social entrepreneurship in its various forms. Develop a business model for your ideas and develop a unique value proposition.

Develop a minimally viable product and find market fit

Learn how to develop a simple financial model to understand key business drivers and create financial projections.

Intermediate to Advanced: Going to Market and Investment Readiness

Understand business economics and drivers & create financial projections

Learn how to develop a simple financial model to understand key business drivers and create financial projections.

Develop a social impact measurement plan

Learn to use indicators, collect valuable data, gauge your contribution to the desired social and environmental outcomes, and communicate and use results.

Develop a storytelling, brand, and marketing strategy

Learn to tell compelling and inspiring social impact stories and create effective go-to-market and continuous marketing strategies.

Develop a business plan or a pitch deck

Learn how to develop the essential components of a good business plan and effective pitch decks.

Group Coaching

Our coaches are skilled social entrepreneurs and non-profit executives with expertise in social innovation and entrepreneurship. They offer guidance, growth strategies, feedback, and industry insights to turn ideas into successful community development initiatives and enterprises. 

Alumni Testimonies

Apply to participate in the next cohort

We are now accepting applications for the following cohorts: 

This cohort is for people based in the Okanagan with ideas/passion for social change. Applicants are expected to be in the early stage and may apply as a team. 

February to May, 2024

This cohort is for non-profit and business leaders based in East Kootenay and the surrounding region who participated in the preceding round tables and pre-requisite course. 

March to May, 2024

Express interest in joining the program

Complete this form to express interest in participating in this program. After receiving your information, our team will follow up with you. 


  • For-profit businesses, non-profits, and charities that want to explore social entrepreneurship for revenue generation and diversification.
  • Individuals and organizations with an idea for a social enterprise or community development organization.
  • It is also suitable for college students and new graduates interested in starting a social enterprise, community development projects or non-profit organizations, and already existing small community service organizations willing to improve staff/volunteer capabilities.

The incubation program may last 8 weeks or 16 weeks, depending on whether workshops and coaching sessions are delivered weekly or biweekly. The program is quite flexible. 

Cohorts hosted directly by Impact Toolbox: We provide a cohort-based program for social change leaders, entrepreneurs, or non-profit teams. This allows for peer support, networking, and group coaching and support. We host three cohorts a year in the winter, summer, and fall.

Cohorts hosted by a partner: We also partner with funders, schools, people, and other organizations to deliver the incubation program to participants through onsite, synchronous, and asynchronous online training activities. The partner provides coaching support and determines cohort sizes and eligibility criteria. We provide train-the-trainer support to facilitators and all training materials, presentations, and worksheets. Partners may adapt the curriculum to their context and needs.

Individualized programs for organizations and leaders: We curate special and personalized programs for individuals and organizations who prefer not to join cohorts. This includes exclusive workshops, personalized coaching sessions, and technical skills support.

Yes! absolutely. Team members responsible for everyday operations and strategic organizational decisions are welcome to attend the coaching sessions.

Interested participants must submit an expression of interest through our website. We will evaluate all submissions and select only applicants that meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated a strong passion for social entrepreneurship or community development
  • Demonstrates readiness to develop their ideas into a community service organization or social enterprise by clearly articulating their ideas and aspirations
  • demonstrate that they will be available for all workshops and commit to the process

While we aim to work with at least 10 participants or teams per cohort, the number of teams we admit is subject to the availability of funds and resources. This makes our selection process very competitive, and selection depends on the quality of your expression of interest and a careful evaluation of applicants’ aspirations for systemic and sustainable social change. If an applicant is not accepted into this program, they may consider two other options.

We are able to provide additional or ongoing support and workshops on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please reach out to us at hello@impacttoolbox.org 

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