We help transform ideas into viable social enterprises

The Social Enterprise Incubation Program is a comprehensive educational program designed to help emerging social change leaders and socially minded entrepreneurs refine their ideas and develop strategies and models that will increase the chances of success, growth, and long-term sustainability of their social change and entrepreneurial initiatives.

What this program offer

Seven instructional training workshops and complimentary online course modules on starting & growing a social enterprise


The program offers training workshops, online instructional modules and individualized coaching to teams of participants. The program guides social change leaders to create and refine their ideas, create social impact strategies, develop business and financial models, social impact measurement strategies, go-to-market and storytelling strategies, pitch decks, grants and business proposals.

Individualized Coaching


Our coaches are experienced social entrepreneurs and non-profit executives with a wide range and profound experiences and expertise in social innovation and entrepreneurship. They provide guidance, growth strategies, structure, feedback, and industry insights to help transform ideas into successful community development initiatives and enterprises.

Technical Skills Support


We further support participants by connecting them with collaborators, supporters, skilled volunteers, and technical freelancers to fill the skill gaps on their team. This aims to help reduce the burden of networking on participants by introducing them to various industry experts while providing a support system.


The program is ideal for individuals and organizations that are just starting out with an idea for a social enterprise or community development organization. It is also suitable for college students and new graduates interested in starting a social enterprise, community development projects or non-profit organizations, as well as already existing small community service organizations willing to improve staff/volunteer capabilities.

The incubation program lasts for four months and includes bi-weekly workshops, coaching sessions and asynchronous online learning activities.

It is a cohort-based program that is designed to host emerging leaders or teams. We host three cohorts a year in winter, summer and in fall. An individual or organization can enrol and go through the program and enjoy personalized and exclusive coaching sessions. We also partner with funders, schools and other organizations to deliver the incubation program to cohorts of participants through a blend of onsite and asynchronous online training activities. 

Yes! absolutely. Team members responsible for everyday operations and strategic organizational decisions are welcome to attend the coaching sessions.

Interested participants must submit an expression of interest through our website. We will evaluate all submissions and select only applicants that meets the following criteria:


1.      Demonstrated strong passion for social entrepreneurship or community development.

2.     Demonstrates readiness to develop their ideas into a community service organization or social enterprise by clearly articulation their ideas and aspirations.

3.     Demonstrates that they will be available for all workshops and commitment to the process.


While we aim to work with at least 10 participants/teams per cohort, the number of teams that we admit is subject to the availability of funds and resources available. This makes our selection process very competitive and selection depends on the quality of your expression of interest and a careful evaluation of applicants aspirations for systemic and sustainable social change. If an applicant is not accepted into this program they may consider two other options. 

  1. Apply for one of our fellowships: You must be a youth from a low-income or equity-deserving community to be qualified. The fellowship includes social entrepreneurship training sessions, practical workshop sessions and mentorship. 
  2. Explore a coaching grants to work with us: You may apply for a coaching grant to have us coach your team. These grants often prefer organizations that have had some track records of social impact within their communities of service. An example is the Innoweave grant. 

We are able to provide additional or ongoing support and workshops on a case by case basis. If you require more extensive and ongoing support, we will refer you to some credible coaching and consulting firms in our network. 

For more information, please reach out to us at hello@impacttoolbox.org 

Express interest in joining the next cohort

Complete this form to express interest in participating in this program. After receiving your information, our team will follow up with you. 

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