Our incubation program provides coaching and instructional workshops covering all you need to know about social impact strategy, social entrepreneurship, scaling social impact and successful management of community development projects. Through individualized coaching, we will help you develop strategies and models to guarantee the success, fast growth and long-term sustainability of your social change venture and projects.

What We Offer

Typical Venture Incubation Journey

Training facilitators and coaches are accomplished founders and experts from


The program is ideal for Individuals and organizations that are just starting out – an idea or early-stage social business or community development organization. It is suitable for college students and new graduates interested in starting a social venture. It is also ideal for organizations that are struggling with creating a strategic plan, revenue generation and increasing their impact. 

The incubation program lasts for four months and includes bi-weekly coaching sessions and asynchronous online activities.

The incubation program delivery is very flexible to meet clients at their convenience. An individual or organization can enrol at anytime and go through the program in a highly personalized fashion with exclusive coaching and asynchronous online training sessions. We also partner with funders, schools and other organizations to deliver the incubation program to cohorts of participants through a blend of onsite and asynchronous online training activities. 

Yes! absolutely. Team members responsible for everyday operations and strategic organizational decisions are welcome to attend the coaching sessions.

If you can not afford the incubation program, there are three options. 

  1. Apply for a discount. We offer generous discounts to organizations or individuals who demonstrate great potentials for social impact but have financial limitations. 
  2. Apply for the youth in development fellowship: You must be a youth from a low income community to be qualified. The fellowship includes the incubation program and more. 
  3. Explore a coaching grant. You must be a Canada based organization serving Canadian societies to be qualified. You must have had some track records of social impact within your communities of service. There are others such as innoweave. 

We are able to provide additional or ongoing coaching support. The cost of this is determined on a case by case basis. For growth stage coaching after you have gained some traction, we will refer you to some of our coaching partners. 

For more information, please reach out to us at hello@impacttoolbox.org