Do you have an idea that could make our community or even the world a better place? If yes, we’re looking for someone just like you!

We’re looking for people excited about making a difference in their community and want to turn their ideas or passion into an initiative (business or organization) that does social good or protects the environment. Does that sound like you? We’d love for you to join our 2024 Social Enterprise Incubation Program!

Our program will teach you how to start and run a successful project or business that drives positive social change. With hands-on training and expert coaching, you’ll learn about entrepreneurship and how to make a social impact.

You’ll get four coaching sessions spread out from February to April 2024. You will also gain free access to our self-paced online social entrepreneurship course and have a chance to participate in our demo day, where you will present your ideas to community members and potential supporters and get a share of $5,000 available to participating teams.

Program Benefits

  • Group Coaching Sessions are led by experienced social entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry who will offer valuable insights and feedback and help participants navigate the challenges of starting and managing a socially impactful business.
  • One Year Access to the Impact Toolbox’s How To Start A Successful Social Enterprise Course, a self-paced course with  instructional and interactive bite-size online lessons, tools and practical guidelines. 
  • Virtual Demo Day is an opportunity for participants to present their ideas to the community and have the chance to get a share of the $5,000 available to participating teams.


  • Demonstrate passion or interest in starting a business or a social change initiative.
  • Availability and commitment to actively participating in the program
  • Located in Central Okanagan
  • We encourage participants to form teams of up to two to three individuals.
  • Deadline: February 7th, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST

    Note: Applications for the February to April cohort have closed. However, you can still submit an application to be considered for the next cohort.


  • We are looking for five teams. Each team is expected to have two to three members
  • The four coaching sessions will run online for 90 minutes every three weeks.
  • Participants will have access to our self-paced “How to Start a Social Enterprise Course, which will guide them through every stage of their business or social change project development. The course can be completed in 8 hours. 
  • During an online demo day, all five teams will present their ideas to our community partners, sponsors, and potential supporters.
  • We expect to share the $5000 equally among participating teams so that each team will receive $1000. To be qualified to receive the funding, participants must complete the online course, participate in the coaching sessions, and attend the demo day. 


A social enterprise is an organization or business that is focused on making social impact and environmental protection and generates income to sustain itself. 

No, we will work with you to better understand the problem that you want to solve and brainstorm solutions with you. 

So long your business is still at an early-stage with no substantial investment yet. You can participate. 

This program has a special focus on social impact. Whether yours is a tech idea or a retail business; our goal is help you build in social impact strategies into your business model. If your idea is primarily to drive social good (like a non-profit or charity), this program will help you think about how to leverage business tactics to make deep impact. 

It is preffered but not compulsory. 

Reach to our programs associate Sophie Ma.

Special thanks to our generous funders

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