Venture Spotlight: Rural Farmers Hub, Segun Adegun

Venture: Rural Farmers Hub

Co-founder: Segun Adegun

Social Impact: 6,417+ farmers served excluding ag experts, dealers, EAs, field agents, traders, exporters, OEMs, and other service providers.

Funds raised: $150k +

Geographical Reach: Nigeria, Nambia, Burkinafaso and also  currently setting up in Angola, Malawi, Tanzania and Ghana.


Rural Farmers Hub (RFH) is an end-to-end provider of Agriservices that targets rural smallholder farmers engaged in producing food crops.  Their flagship product is CAPTURE, which processes satellite data using a proprietary algorithm to automatically generate recommendations for rural smallholder farmers to grow more food from their farmlands. This information is sent to rural smallholder farmers via SMS/Voice call with support from field agents who regularly visit farmers to check their progress and provide additional guidance. Segun Adegun is a 34-year-old Researcher, Entrepreneur and International Agriculture and Trade Development Executive. He has an MA in International Trade and is a co-founder of Rural Farmers Hub; Segun Adegun describes his learning experience with Impact Toolbox fully immersed him in the universe of growth and fundraising. His training, network and mentorship experiences with the platform strengthened his resolve to build a global brand and scale his business ideas. In his own words, the experiences taught him the “strategies of developing an organization that is impact-driven.”

Segun Adegun’s interest in rural agricultural development had seen him work as a Research Assistant with the National Association of Nigerian Teachers (2015). He conducted studies and facilitated workshops on Trade and Agricultural Development for the development of small-scale Agricultural enterprises. He also had similar stints at the African Development Bank (2014) and Strategent Consulting Limited. He has consulted for GIZ and DFID Palladium on Trade and Agriculture.

Agricultural engagements account for more than 50% of Nigerian economic activities and remain the most basic route out of poverty and hunger for most citizens. Segun’s interest in rural agriculture development is noble, and the prospects of his ideas recommended him to the Impact Toolbox. His mentorship experiences with the Impact Toolbox connected him with network, funds, and knowledge that provided the impetus for the current engagements as the Rural Farmer’s Hub CEO.

Segun described his effectiveness and ability to communicate his intentions to beneficiaries of all hues and cries as having improved by more than 300%, as attested to by his organization’s demonstrable ability to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers using simple technology. His organization was also able to raise grant funds from Mercy Corps shortly after his training. Segun has recommended the Impact Toolbox program to “serious-minded” young change enthusiasts and sponsors. He describes Impact Toolbox as a platform that gives you exactly what you need to create social impact in the best ways possible.

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