From a young visionary to an influential leader – How Ramdani is empowering youth to lead transformational change in Indonesia through UCOOLWECOOL

    Every year, at least two Impact Toolbox members and Alumni receive the Diana Awards, described as the highest recognition for youth-driven social impact. This year, three outstanding individuals from our programs received the award, and we’re excited to share the remarkable journey of one of them, Ramdani (22), in celebrating his work in driving youth empowerment in Indonesia through his organization UCOOLWECOOL.

    The organization is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals and has made an impact in over 120 cities in Indonesia. Ramdani and his team empower young individuals through an immersive mentoring program and the Ucooler Development Workshop, providing them with the tools they need to enact enduring transformations within their communities. A belief in the power of collaboration fuels the organization’s success.

    Ramdani’s impact reaches underserved communities in Indonesia, empowering them to achieve growth and fulfill their impact-driven aspirations. He believes in investing in the potential of young minds as a cornerstone for a brighter future and actively advocates for societal transformation. His dedication and positive footprint have earned him prestigious accolades, including the 2023 Diana Award, recognition from McKinsey and Company and many others.

    The Impact Toolbox played a pivotal role in transforming Dani’s ideas into a social enterprise and driving change. Dani went from being a young visionary to an influential leader. Through Impact Toolbox courses, Ramdani said he honed his community-engagement, leadership and entrepreneurship skills and learnt customer discovery, branding, storytelling, and effective marketing strategies for his social change project.

    When asked to share about his journey, Dani said

    “Now is better than never.” Sometimes, you might perceive your dreams as distant, and it may feel like reaching them is an insurmountable challenge. Trust me, it’s never too late to embark on something new, to discern your purpose and life goals. You can initiate this journey with the help of the Impact Toolbox. It is distinct from other development training due to its comprehensive explanations, user-friendliness, a diverse team of facilitators, and a wide range of engaging modules that contributed to my skill advancement”.

    In the next five years, Dani envisions himself as a catalyst for change, having profoundly impacted the lives of numerous young individuals by empowering them to become transformational change-makers. He aspires to have established strong connections with international organizations that share their passion for youth development and sustainable change. He sees himself at the forefront of conducting international workshops and comprehensive development programs tailored specifically for youth, serving as platforms for nurturing their leadership skills, fostering innovative thinking, and honing their abilities to address pressing global challenges.

    He aims to champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a broader scale through dedicated campaigns and collaborative efforts, raising awareness about the importance of sustainable development and engaging young minds in meaningful actions that contribute to the realization of these goals. His goal is to continue leveraging his passion and expertise to empower young people as agents of change, foster international partnerships, lead impactful workshops and programs, and advocate for the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. He hopes to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for both current and upcoming generations.

    “I encourage every young individual to join our movement, collaborate, and empower others to become transformational changemakers.”

    Join Dani today.

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