Introduction to Social Enterpreneurship

Learn the basics of social entrepreneurship and its various models and forms.

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Do you want to make a real difference in your community and make money while doing so to sustain yourself and your impact? You’re in luck! Our self-paced Social Enterprise Development Course is the roadmap you need to create initiatives that tackle complex problems and make a real impact. We’ll show you how to start small, validate your ideas, and grow purposefully. With a perfect blend of critical insights and practical steps, you’ll learn how to build thriving social enterprises that contribute to positive social and environmental change and bring you some income! Whether you’re a budding visionary or a seasoned entrepreneur, this course will give you the tools to build sustainable social impact enterprises from the ground up.

This edition provides just an introduction; click here to see the full course.

What makes this course so unique?

Course Contributors

Buckle up for mind-expanding learning on social entrepreneurship! Our course isn’t just textbooks and lectures; we’ve got a crew of trailblazing social entrepreneurs and leaders from around the globe, contributing their hard-earned wisdom and experiences. The course will take you on a journey of diverse perspectives and insights into the exciting world of social enterprise development.

Erich Schlenker (Managing Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Appalachian State University)

Kyle Satinitigan (Wesolve, Makati, Philippines)

Min Ngo (Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada)

Lisa Ngo (York University, Canada)

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What Will You Learn?

  • Social entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial journey
  • Navigating startup challenges and incorporating a social enterprise
  • Wise practices for incorporating an early-stage social enterprise

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to social entrepreneurship
Here we will introduce you to the concept of social entrepreneurship

  • What is a social enterprise?
  • Why the social entrepreneurial mindset is important
  • Three characters of social entrepreneurs
  • The triple bottom line & the key goals of social entrepreneurship

Module 2: Social entrepreneurship forms and models

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Good information
4 months ago
easy to complete. good information. some spelling mistakes in content
4 months ago
The module production quality, module quantity and module length all resulted in a positive experience taking the course
4 months ago
So far so good. Good information
5 months ago
I found the course to be informative and insightful. I learned new things and have interesting ideas to ponder as a result. I am better prepared to identify and describe a social enterprise.
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