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Course Overview: In this comprehensive course, you will master the art of telling impactful stories to forge a strong brand identity and implement robust marketing strategies for your social venture. You will explore the principles of effective storytelling, learn to develop go-to-market and ongoing promotional strategies and employ storytelling techniques such as the Marshall Ganz Approach to enhance integrity, credibility, and confidence in your brand.

Course Structure

This course is delivered through a mix of short instructional videos, comprehensive readings, practical worksheets, engaging case studies, and references to external sources. The learning journey culminates in a final assessment designed to evaluate your understanding and practical application of the course materials.

What makes this course so unique?

Course Facilitators:

    • Priya Shah: Founder of The Simple Good
    • Henry Anumudu: Co-founder of Sharing Life Africa
    • Kehinde Ruth Onasoga: Creative Director at Pandora Agency
    • Kayode Alabi: Board Member at Peace First

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Craft and narrate compelling impact stories that enhance brand perception.
    • Develop and execute effective go-to-market strategies tailored for social ventures.
    • Employ digital marketing techniques to promote their social enterprise effectively.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies through practical metrics.
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Course Content

Module One: How to tell compelling stories

  • Introduction to story telling
  • The power of stories
  • Two approaches to storytelling
  • Leveraging stories for marketing and branding
  • Case Study – Charity Water Advert
  • Misconceptions and hinderances to storytelling
  • Leveraging stories for fundraising

Module Two: Brand storytelling and creating a marketing strategy

Module Three: Sharing stories online – developing a digital marketing strategy


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1 week ago
it is fascinating how a listener can be emotionally attached to an idea just because a story is well told.
4 weeks ago
This course was very insightful and engaging for me
3 months ago
I loved this course so much because it has challenged my perspective on story telling. One thing that stood out were limitations to story stelling whereas I managed to undertand and note what my challenge was and worked towards it.