Onboarding Guide / User Manual

Review the onboarding guide to learn how to navigate this platform or troubleshoot technical issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to some of the popular technical and non-technical questions that we receive.

Getting started

Look for the sign up button on the website menu or any where on our website where you can see the button. The link will lead you a membership package page where you can select either the free or premium levels of membership. Review the onboarding guide for more details.
If you notice that your full name is not on your certificate or the name is incorrect, please follow the following steps: 1. Click the profile button (beside the logout) button on the menu. 2. Go to "settings" under the profile menu (Profile submenu) and click on "general" to show a form. " 3. Input your correct first and last name and write your full name as you would like it to appear on your certificate in the space provided for "display name."
Premium members have access to one-on-one coaching, prototype funding, special programs, and exclusive networking opportunities.
Start by using the forgotten password function in the login pop-up. If the link does not work as expected, send us an email through hello@impacttoolbox.org.
Please send us an email at hello@impacttoolbox.org or chat with us using the live chat symbol at the bottom right corner.

Online Courses

Please read the above onboarding guide to learn how to start and navigate our courses. After you open an account, return to the site and click on courses. Pick a course, click start now to enrol or continue from where you stopped.
You will only be able to move forward, complete the course or download your certificate after your final assesment has been graded. Please note that it takes our instructors about four days to read through and grade each work carefully. After your assignment has been graded, we will notify you by email, and you will see your score in your profile and on the assignment page. You will need to go to the successive/final lesson to click the finish button and download your certificate.
You can resolve this by changing your browser, clearing cache or logging out and logging in. If the problem persists, it will be because the course has expired. You can solve this problem by emailing us to reset your progress or the live chat function below.
Go to our community page and knock yourself out :). Thoughtfully we have provided a lot of resources for your growth. Please enjoy them. Click "community" above to see all we have in stock for you.
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