2020 Fellow

Obasanjo Fajemirokun is a social entrepreneur with over four years of experience providing access to inclusive and equitable quality education in low-income communities.  He has taught, led, equipped, and impacted over 150 pupils using a learner-centred teaching method that ensures pupils acquired literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, he used game-based and connection-based learnings to develop skills.

He is the founder of  Brace-up The Young. A Youth-led organization focused on educating and mentoring young people to become innovative and accountable leaders in Nigeria. Through this organization, he has equipped over 425 youths with soft and leadership skills and sensitized over 1,100 Students across five states in Nigeria on the power of quality education and the global goals. He is also a public speaker and trainer. He has successfully organized and facilitated online and offline training for students, teachers, youths, and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria, trained over 140 teachers on educational technology, 21st-century teaching methods, and impacted over 647 students directly through his work.

Obasanjo is an alumnus of Teach For Nigeria, where he focused on bridging the gap of educational inequality in underserved community schools. He is a fellow of  Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative 2021 (CYFI) and an alumnus of YALI RLC West Africa, Sozo Networks Youth-In-Development Fellowship, Teach SDGs, and Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador, 2020/2021 General Secretary of YALI Network Ogun State and the Events Chairman of the 2021 National Executive of YALI Nigeria Alumni.

Obasanjo was also an Outstanding Impact Award Nominee of Gani Fawehinmi Impact and Integrity Awards 2020 and a 2019 Opengov Social Innovation Challenge winner. Obasanjo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State. His focus is on developing training and educational programs to influence education, policy, leadership, and youth Empowerment interventions.

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