2020 Fellow

Fouad Adeola Balogun is the Founder and Team Lead for Water Thrust Initiative, a non-profit venture aimed at developing ideas and providing solutions to and opportunities on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH),  especially in underserved rural communities in Africa. He is also a Sustainability Consultant with the Transatlantic Development Limited, a consultancy firm specializing in Resettlement, Livelihood Restoration and other Social and Environmental Performance issues.

Fouad is passionate about Sustainability, Development & Management Practice and is keen on seeing environmental considerations as critical in developmental strides. He also identifies as a Global Stewards, as he believes we will account for the management of natural and environmental resources. We owe it a duty to bequeath future generations a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment.

Fouad is a Fellow of the Sozo Networks/US Embassy Youths in Development Fellowship Program; Senior Advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN); Ambassador, TeachSDGs and a serial Volunteer on many Advocacy and Sustainability Projects.

He is a Member of the Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), British Ecological Society (BES), Nigerian Society for Environmental Conservationist (NSEC), Association of Nigerian Environmental Educators (ANEE) etc.

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