Learn skills for a successful career in the social sector and how to develop your ideas into a sustainable and profitable social venture. Acquire skills to market your venture to your target audience and raise funds. The training program is in the following three steps. 

Step One: Examine your idea(s) critically and start building your venture/project

This course collection is for aspiring social change leaders whose ventures are still in the idea or preliminary phase, people interested in starting a career in the social sector and looking to acquire general knowledge about the sector. This track is for change makers who need to validate their idea, talk to potential customers about it, and create a minimal viable product and a strategic plan. While social entrepreneurs who have already grown beyond this stage may skip these courses, we strongly encourage you to go through them as we have put together critical insights that will transform both new and existing social businesses.

Step two: Develop financial projections & measure your impact

After you have created a strategic plan, a business model, and a minimal viable product in step one, the courses below will help you create a financial model and an impact assessment strategy for your venture. The financial model will help you to understand your business drivers. Using a revenue, cost, and profit analysis, you will determine if your business model will generate enough revenue for your venture’s sustainability or profitability. The second course will guide you in creating an effective strategy for measuring your venture’s social impact. A good financial model and impact assessment strategy are required to communicate your venture’s potential social and financial returns on investment. 

Step three: Learn how to sell your ideas and raise funds

The courses below will teach you how to tell compelling stories of your ventures, create a  go-to-market strategy, know what investors desire, create an excellent pitch deck and write successful grant proposals.