Introducing the Impact Toolbox

The next generation is entitled to a world that is honestly better than ours, and it is our responsibility to make that possible. Understanding that social entrepreneurship is the bridge between the inadequacies of the present and the changes we hope to see, IMPACT TOOLBOX is a resourcefully diverse ecosystem for young social entrepreneurs and a trustworthy repository for vetted, social ventures with high growth potentials. We have put together a digital incubation platform that provides youths and emerging social entrepreneurs with the opportunity to conceive, learn, network, and access funding to transform their social change ideas into viable social ventures.

What we do

Impact toolbox is the brainchild of the founder’s nine-year experience as a social entrepreneur, health practitioner and policymaker. Together with a highly diverse team of change agents who have, for five years, implemented multiple youth development projects funded by the U.S. Government, philanthropic organizations and hundreds of private donors, the impact toolbox merges a handful of winning formulas for social change.

How we do it

We directly engage with social entrepreneurs to facilitate the transfer of valuable human, material and intellectual resources for aspiring and budding social entrepreneurs through conferences, boot camps and workshops. We have created a practical curriculum that encapsulates our experience and expertise and enhances social ventures’ success rate.
Thus far, we have successfully trained over 1,500 social entrepreneurs through learning boot camps, idea incubation programs and strategy sessions. In total, our program alumni have raised well over $700,000 for their organizations and continue to transform their communities’ socio-economic landscapes. We have helped more than 20 social ventures launch and grow in impact. Our resolve to create a network that situates learning within an adaptable environment informed our division to migrate Impact Toolbox to an exclusively virtual environment. This initiative has allowed us to entertain a more diverse social entrepreneurs group and engage change agents from different spheres. Our curriculum and training experiences are available online.

What young social change leaders get 

Impact Toolbox is harnessing the African youth demographic dividend by empowering young people to create viable ventures that address social challenges in their communities. Our goal is to put youths at the forefront of innovation and socio-economic development in Africa. It achieves this by democratizing learning opportunities, discovering and supporting legitimate social ventures with high growth potentials, and nurturing social entrepreneurs’ online ecosystem with our continuous programming and networking opportunities.

Through our platform, young leaders with an idea for social change and access to the internet will learn and develop their ideas at an affordable price. Enrollees will undergo online training curated and designed by experts with profound social entrepreneurship experiences in emerging economies. The online training includes compulsory peer-to-peer feedbacks and weekly sector expert series conducted by successful local entrepreneurs who can provide insights about running businesses in the same climate.

After the online training, our team of experts reviews all developed venture business plans and selects ventures with the highest potential for growth and impact. The chosen ventures’ founders would be connected to mentors (for one-on-one coaching) for six months and provided with a small amount of prototype funding ($1000 – $3000). Impact Toolbox strives to provide all the selected founders with the resources to launch their products within one year and be ready for more significant opportunities.
All our learners, including those we did not select for our prototype funding, are part of our extensive online social entrepreneurs ecosystem. In this ecosystem, everyone is encouraged to share resources, network with one another, and provide peer support and social support in their engagements and after that.

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