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The financial stability of a social venture strongly depends on the business and financial model upon which the venture is built. A financial model gives a clear idea of the value of a venture and the cost of that value. This course teaches social entrepreneurs practical and easily implementable steps for building a financial model that guarantees their social venture’s accountability, value maximization, and sustainability. This course makes financial modelling very simple! 

Course Contributor: Professor Christina Hachikian  She is a Clinical Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Chicago Booth Business School, Illinois, U.S.A.

Course Editor: Duomi Ding (Ivey Business School), University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop an optimistic and defendable financial model using vetted assumptions
  • Pinpoint and validate unit economics and key business drivers
  • Develop a compelling story and articulate a financial ask

Course Content

Module 1: Develop an optimistic and defendable revenue model using vetted assumptions

  • Introduction to financial modelling
  • The financial modelling process
  • Creating revenue assumptions
  • Checking your assumptions
  • Choosing a pricing model
  • Determining your market size
  • Creating a revenue model
  • Another example of revenue modelling

Module 2: Develop an optimistic and defendable cost model using vetted assumptions

Module 3: : Extract unit economics and business drivers from your models

Module 4: Develop a compelling financial story and articulate a financial ask
Our final module focuses on how to present your business’ financials to investors in a way that clearly demonstrates feasibility and potential for growth. We will show you how to do this through two examples.

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