Turning Ideas to Social Enterprises

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Enthusiasm for social change is universal. However, being a social entrepreneur takes knowledge, practice and experience. This course presents recommendations and critical insights for creating social entrepreneurial initiatives to confront problems. In this course, we have used several examples of social enterprises to explain how to create a thriving enterprise. 

Learning Goals

This training will teach you how to develop your ideas and solutions into a social enterprise. This course has been designed to help you achieve the following:

  • Understand social entrepreneurship and its various forms.
  • See examples of social enterprise business models in action.
  • Understand the steps required to launch your social enterprise
  • Develop a business model for your ideas.


The training is facilitated by Erich Schlenker (Director of Transportation Insight Entrepreneurship Center at Appalachian State University), Gabriel Ally (Obama Foundation Leader and Founder of GezaJozi, South Africa), Adepeju Jaiyeoba (Founder of Mother’s Delivery Kit and Brown Button Foundation), and Karl Satinitigan (Obama Foundation Scholar and Strategy Director, WeSolve).

Components and Duration

The training consists of videos, podcasts, readings, and assignments. It takes about two weeks of 30 minutes per day to complete this course. 

Let’s dig in!

We are a team of brilliant people committed to helping you grow your ideas into exceptional social ventures. We are here to support you as you change the world.
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  • Monica

    Amazing Platform

    Thank you so much Impact Toolbox for creating these amazing courses that one can apply in real time and see results from. I t has been an awesome experience, and I hope to collaborate and support your organization in the on going future.
  • Uthman Alao

    Essential of Social Entrepreneurship

    The course was really insightful and straightforward. I could not believe I could score that high. More importantly, I learned so much from all the facilitators. It was such a practical course for me.
  • Temitope Obasola

    Turning ideas to social enterprise

    This course has been insightful so far. You get to know practical effective ways of mapping out a good competitive analysis and how to put forward an attractive value proposition for your enterprise. You will also be able to know if your intended social enterprise will be scalable or not.
  • lkarewe@gmail.com

    The Best Social Entrepreneurship Course

    The content was great and directly communicating with us as entrepreneurs, very insightful and proper layout but the time you are taking to grade the work is sometimes too long before we get your feedback on our course work and tests. Thank you
  • Cindy Emefa Ankora


    Great course and brain racking. Owning a successful business demands a lot of research and awareness.
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