Understanding Strategic Planning For Social Ventures

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Target audiences

  • Emerging social change leaders
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The viability of a social venture depends on more practical factors than the passion and motivation behind its existence. Strategic plans are realistic, coherent and detailed roadmaps for achieving your goals for social change. Such plans will incorporate outlines of the organization’s goals and provide directions for achieving these goals. This training will help you take a deep dive and thoroughly consider the journey ahead. It will challenge and provide you with tools to examine your ideas’ viability and long-term validity critically. It emphasizes the need for a knowledge-based understanding of the various aspects of strategic planning. This course will help you create structure and long-term plans, set SMART goals, and identify possible risks before they occur.

Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

  1. Strategically consider the problem you are addressing and formulate a compelling problem statement 
  2. Brainstorm possible solutions and identify the most viable.
  3. Create or refine your venture’s vision, mission, and core values.
  4. Develop a theory of change (TOC) for your venture idea. 
  5. Align your TOC with the sustainable development goals 
  6. Identify potential risks that may limit the success of your venture and create mitigation strategies. 
Course facilitated by 
  • Dr. Segun Fatudimu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Impact Toolbox
  • Kirsten Brosbøl, Founder of 2030Beyond, Former Minister for Environment and Danish Member of Parliament. 
Illustrations and Designs by
Min and Lisa Ngo

Course Content and Duration

The course contains five one-hour modules that you can complete in two (2) weeks if you spend 30 mins on the training per day. 

We are a team of brilliant people committed to helping you grow your ideas into exceptional social ventures. We are here to support you as you change the world.
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    Strategic Planning for Social Ventures

    Impact Toolbox is a blessing to our generation thank you for this practical guide. I am so blessed to be part of this great development. I also scored 80 in the final assessment. Thanks to all the team and founder of Impact Toolbox
  • Arkangelo Kenyi Gabriel Mogga

    Practical guide in Strategic Planning for Social Change Makers.

    I really enjoyed this course it was with clarity more especially the vision, mission statement and core values explaination. However, theory of change and risk assessment still a little of hard to understand them fully.

    Excellent lessons and impactful.

    This course was very insightful. It is very easy to understand yet so practical. I scored a 90% and am proud to say am part of Impact toolbox. Continue impacting please, because the skills you're offering are a day to day necessity for survival in this competitive world.
  • Temitope Obasola

    Strategic planning for social change leaders - A practical guide

    This course is really insightful. It has helped me in decision making and mapping out effective strategies in providing solution to the needs I am addressing

    Course Curriculum

    Great course for new leaders for social changes.
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