Turning ideas to viable social enterprises & finding market fit

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Enthusiasm for social change is universal. However, being a social entrepreneur takes knowledge, practice and experience. This course presents recommendations and critical insights for creating social entrepreneurial initiatives to confront wicked societal problems. 

Learning Objectives

In this course, we have used several examples of social enterprises to explain how to create a thriving social enterprise. This course will also teach you how to start small, test and validate your ideas, and grow big using the lean methodology. This course has been designed specifically to help you achieve the following objectives:

Social entrepreneurship | Competitive analysis |  Designing business models | Creating minimal viable products | Customer discovery | Finding product-market fit using the lean methodology |  Overcoming startup challenges

Time requirement

30 minutes per day over four (4) weeks


Earn a certificate in social entrepreneurship and enterprise development. See the sample below

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Impact Toolbox course contributors are experienced entrepreneurs and professors from different parts of the globe. They include Kelly King, Founder of Exchanging Americans; Erich Schlenker, Director of Appalachian State University's Center For Entrepreneurship, United States; Drew Edwards, Founder of Pangea Educational Consult in the United States and Uganda; Owonikoko Olusola, Founder of Stanforte Edge and Project Enable Africa; Gabriel Ally (Obama Foundation Leader and Founder of GezaJozi, South Africa); Adepeju Jaiyeoba (Founder of Mother's Delivery Kit and Brown Button Foundation, Nigeria); Karl Satinitigan (Obama Foundation Scholar and Strategy Director, WeSolve, Philippines).

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