Developing a social impact strategy – A practical guide

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Target audiences

  • Emerging social change leaders
  • Idea stage

The viability of a social venture depends on more practical factors than the passion and motivation behind its existence. Impact strategies are realistic, coherent and detailed roadmaps for achieving your goals for social change. Such plans will incorporate outlines of the organization’s goals and provide directions for achieving these goals. 

This course will help you dive deeply and thoroughly consider the journey ahead. It will challenge and provide you with tools to critically examine your ideas’ viability and long-term validity. It emphasizes the need for a knowledge-based understanding of the various aspects of strategic planning. This course will help you create structure, and long-term plans, set SMART goals, and identify possible risks before they occur.

Learning Objectives

Problem identification, validation and description | Ideation and solution analysis | Crafting vision, mission, and core values. | Developing a theory of change | Action planning | Aligning with the sustainable development goals | Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Course Contributors

Dr. Segun Fatudimu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Impact Toolbox

Kirsten Brosbøl, Founder of 2030Beyond, Former Minister for Environment and Danish Member of Parliament.

Illustrations and designs by Min and Lisa Ngo

Time requirement

30 minutes per day over four (4) weeks


Earn a certificate in social entrepreneurship and enterprise development. See the sample below:


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Impact Toolbox course contributors are experienced entrepreneurs and professors from different parts of the globe. They include Kelly King, Founder of Exchanging Americans; Erich Schlenker, Director of Appalachian State University's Center For Entrepreneurship, United States; Drew Edwards, Founder of Pangea Educational Consult in the United States and Uganda; Owonikoko Olusola, Founder of Stanforte Edge and Project Enable Africa; Gabriel Ally (Obama Foundation Leader and Founder of GezaJozi, South Africa); Adepeju Jaiyeoba (Founder of Mother's Delivery Kit and Brown Button Foundation, Nigeria); Karl Satinitigan (Obama Foundation Scholar and Strategy Director, WeSolve, Philippines).

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