Venture Spotlight – Bukunmi Familoye

“As food is to the body, so is knowledge to the mind. Knowledge helps people make better choices, and books are a reliable source. Book hub seeks to restore the reading culture amongst Nigerian youths. We believe that knowledge is a weapon, and we intend to build an arsenal.”  These were the wise and true words of 26-year-old Oluwabukunmi Familoye, the Founder of Book Hub Nigeria. Here’s a quick back story to the establishment of Book hub Nigeria. 

In 2018, Bukunmi participated in an Impact Toolbox training, which she credits for initiating her drive for social change through advocacy and hands-on innovations to increase access to quality education (SDG4), especially in Nigeria. During the program, she was tutored in lean startup, grant writing, and impact assessment and mentored by Dr. Segun Fatudimu and has continued to engage with the network since then. 

Bukunmi describes her experience with Impact Toolbox as a confidence boost for her current engagements as a change agent. Still describing her experience, she narrows it down to a life-changing event that motivates her over the years while applauding the relevance of the topics and the facilitators for the program. It does not end without a recommendation of Impact Toolbox to aspiring social entrepreneurs. Shortly after the program, the idea of a book community was conceptualized, mission and vision outlined, and Bukunmi launched her organization – Book Hub Ng. So, the main story came with the Impact toolbox effect, the one you are reading now. 

Book Hub dreams of engineering the coming of age of an African continent led by intellectuals and well-informed individuals who understand the true responsibilities of leadership in the 21st Century. Bukunmi is working towards this vision by promoting reading culture through her book club. 

 “It dawned on me that most schools in the country-bred graduates with no proper understanding of life outside their core subjects. Young people were not taught topics like financial intelligence, entrepreneurship (beyond regular commerce, politics and governance), the past, present and the future of work, etc. These are some of the problems I sought to address using my book club.” – Bukunmi. 

Bukunmi is a Pharmacy graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria. She has worked as a financial analyst, program manager and as pharmacist. She has worked with Nest Hub, Lagos State Ministry of Health, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). She is also passionate about universal access to quality education. 

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